Hummel's Pub

Pub/ Dive Bar

A little bit about who we are!

Hummel's Pub holds the record for the longest held liquor license in St. Louis.  Our building was built in 1879 and features the original bar cabinets and bar.  It was the home to many local watering holes such as Blake's, Liz's and for the last 10 years Hummel's Pub.   We are proud to serve the locals who come in regularly and we enjoy seeing new faces!  You will never be a stranger when you come to Hummel's.  You will be greeted with a smile and a nod along with an introduction and magically you will be "one of us"!  

Come on in and see for yourself!  Enjoy our magnificent beer garden where we feature local entertainment as well as a spectacular ivy wall, plants and flowers to help you relax and enjoy a feeling of being "away from the city".